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Firesafe Solutions (UK) Ltd is an established nationwide Fire Consultancy company working for a wide range of companies to ensure they stay within the law in a cost effective way.

Firesafe Solutions (UK) Ltd began life in 2004 as a lone trader organisation with two members of staff and one client. Very quickly it grew and became a Partnership before inevitably becoming a Limited Company. 

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Why Use Firesafe Solutions (UK) Ltd?

Fire safety services Highly qualified staff
Fire Safety Wide ranging experience from Hospitals to pubs
Fire safety training National coverage ensuring low travel costs and low carbon footprint
Fire risk assessment In house quality assurance to ensure highest quality of service
Fire risk assessors Full range of fire consultancy services
Fire services Experienced negotiators with the Fire Service

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Download: A Technical Guide to Fire Precautions and Fire Protection

Free download covering legal requirements for responsible persons under the FSO, courtesy of the IOSH, BIFM and USHA approved UK provider of health, safety and environmental information.

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#WedgePledge Targets 64% of Premises Wedging Open Fire Doors Illegally

Should I ever become a responsible person under the FSO then my father's perennial frustration with my teenage habit of leaving doors open may not have been in vain. His frustrated, fruitless pleas - “stop leaving the bloody doors open, you're letting a draft in” - would, I hope, echo in my mind were I

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Safe Cities: A Proactive Approach to Cyber Resilience

The methods employed by advanced cyber attackers now compel organisations to adopt a more proactive approach to the security of digital assets and the processes that handle them. The nature of sophisticated threats negates the efficacy of static and reactive measures to securing against cyber-attacks and, in most cases, limits the options for real-time response

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Download: Fire Prevention Toolbox Talk

How to prevent fire, what you should know and what to do in the event of fire breaking out - invaluable information for employers courtesy of the IOSH, BIFM and USHA approved UK provider of health, safety and environmental information.

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Download: Fire Hazards – an Employee Factsheet

How employees can identify and control risks in fire safety, courtesy of the market-leading research brand.

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Debate: How Should the Industry Improve Certification/Training Standards?

Paxton CEO Adam Stroud and IPSA chairman Michael White are among those offering their prescriptions in our latest debate about the industry's direction.

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