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Legislation dictates that your staff must receive training in Fire Safety with some being trained in the use of Fire Fighting Equipment. The level and depth of training will depend on the processes, products and type of work your employees carry out.

A small business with no dangerous substances or procedures and which operates in simple premises will only require basic fire safety awareness. However, where you operate with dangerous substances or with large numbers of people, particularly where the public are concerned, the level and depth of training will need to be more involved.

Firesafe Solutions (UK) Ltd is able to provide all levels of training, presented by experienced trainers with site specific training packages.

We are proud to say we currently train staff right across the country in roles from bar work, care homes and even hospital staff.

In the training we make use of digital projectors, DVD's, group exercises and an environmentally friendly LPG powered fire rig so allowing your staff to use water and carbon dioxide extinguishers in a safe and controlled manner.

Whatever your fire safety needs we can train your staff at your premises for convenience or at our office situated just 10 minutes from Junction 7 of the M27.

Below are two typical examples of courses we frequently run and which would be tailored to your company.

Fire Awareness
Duration 2 to 3 Hours (dependent on practical inclusion)
Presentation type Theory with practical optional extra

Give overall awareness of fire safety in the workplace to employees, an understanding of fire and its effects, what to do in the event of a fire and the theoretical or practical application of portable fire fighting equipment.

  • Chemistry of combustion
  • Fire and its effects (use of DVD)
  • Employees responsibilities
  • Escape routes and fire resisting construction
  • Fire alarms, fire detection, emergency lighting
  • Fire evacuation procedure (tailored to clients requirements)
  • Fire fighting equipment (theory or theory and practical)
  • Assessment (optional extra)
Audience All employees

Fire Warden
Duration Half or Whole Day (dependent on requirements)
Presentation type Theory with practical optional extra

To give nominated employees with fire warden responsibilities an understanding of fire and human behaviour in fire situations, together with the practical skills necessary to enable the appropriate action to be taken including an in depth understanding of fire safety measures such as fire alarms, emergency lighting and fire separation. This course aims to provide the staff with a more management minded attitude to fire safety.

  • Applicable legislation
  • Chemistry of combustion
  • Fire and its effects (use of DVD)
  • Human behaviour in fires and hazardous situations
  • Employers and employees responsibilities
  • Fire safety design
  • Fire alarms, fire detection and emergency lighting
  • Role of the fire warden – fire evacuation procedure (tailored to clients requirements)
  • Fire fighting equipment particular to site (theory or theory and practical)
  • Assessment (optional extra)
Audience Staff expected to carry out specific roles during an emergency.
Fire Safety Training


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